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Order ID06 cards - FAQ

How to log in and order in Nexus ID06 order portal

How do I order ID06 cards from Nexus?

Order cards from the Nexus ID06 order portal.

For instructions, see Order ID06 cards for the employees.

How do I upload the company logotype?

The logo must be 354px x 118px for the new card standard.

Upload the logo in Nexus ID06 order portal. You can add several logotypes and decide which one to be pre-selected per order.

  1. Click at your company name in top menu.
  2. Select Company settings in the drop-drown menu.
  3. Select Logotype settings.
  4. Upload logotype and click Edit logotype.
    Your upcoming card orders will be printed with the chosen logotype. 

If you want the logotype to be printed with color 20 SEK will be added to the standard card cost.

If you need help to upload the logotype, then send an email to with the logo, the company information and inform whether or not the logo should be uploaded in color or not. Note: The person who sends the email must be a registered card orderer/administrator at the company. 

How do I change a card order?
  1. Log in to the Nexus ID06 order portal and select Handle cards.
  2. Enter search criteria, such as National identity number, card number, orderer, or name of card holder. Click Search
  3. Click at the symbol to the right of the card you need to change.
  4. The chosen card will be displayed on screen. To the right, you can see the available actions for the card order. You can also replace the photo from this view.
  5. The card holder will receive a message to approve the changed information.

What do ID06 cards cost?

How do I add or remove users in Nexus ID06?

The authorized signatory can approve one or several administrators, who are able to place card orders and add or remove users (card orderers) for the company. 

For more information: 

About ID06 card ordering 

What are the photo requirements on ID06 cards?

See the requirements in:

Since the ID06-card is an identification document, the photo needs to fulfil the same rules as for a driver’s license and passports.

If the uploaded photo does not fulfil the requirements, Nexus, as a card supplier, is not allowed to produce the card.

Who can confirm a card order?
  1. The card orderer or administrator registers and confirms the order.
  2. Nexus approves the card. If the photo doesn´t fulfill the requirements, the card will be rejected and a new order needs to be registered. See Photo guidelines for ID06 card. 
  3. The card holder approves the card order and then the card is produced.

Is it possible to order cards for several companies?

Before you start, you must be approved via the ID06 system by the authorized signatory of the company.

Do the following:

  1. Sign in to the ID06 service portal using eID or SMS one-time password.
  2. Click on the company name, at the top right, and register a new company.
  3. Enter organization number and invoicing information and click OK. An e-mail is sent to signatories who approve the registration.
  4. Order ID06 cards in the Nexus ID06 order portal.

Switch between companies in Nexus ID06 order portal

  1. Sign in to the Nexus ID06 order portal
    You can see all companies that you are connected to. 
  2. Select Switch Company to manage your different accounts.
    For more information, see Order ID06 cards for the employees

How do I transfer card data into the order portal?

You can transfer card data from one company to another into the order portal. For more information, see Transfer card data between companies

What documents do I need to attach when ordering an ID06 card?

There are different rules depending on the nationality of the cardholder. Go to for more information about all the rules on what type of document you need to attach when ordering an ID06 card.

Regardless of the nationality, a photo of the cardholder must always be attached to the card order. If the photo does not meet the requirements it will be rejected and a new photo must be uploaded. See Photo guidelines for ID06 card.

You can order the cards on the Nexus ID06 order portal.

How do I order cards with passport or ID scanning?

Nexus offers scanning of passport or national ID cards as an identification method via Sistec AB, if you cannot use eID as your identification method. You can visit any of Sitec's offices or you can book a meeting with their mobile team. For more information, go to

When your card order is confirmed, you as the the card holder will receive an email with instructions for the scanning process. You must create a personal account in the ID06 system and approve the card order. For more information, see Create account in ID06 with passport or national ID and Approve order with passport or national ID

Once you have approved the order, Nexus will produce the card. 

For more information, see: 

There are different rules depending on the nationality of the cardholder. Go to for more information about all the rules on what type of document you need to attach when ordering an ID06 card.

Card delivery

Can I change the delivery address?

Yes. Register a new address or select any of addresses that are already registered in the order portal. The order will be delivered to the chosen address.

To manage your delivery addresses in the Nexus ID06 order portal, follow these steps: 

  1. Click at the Company name in top menu to the right.
  2. Select Company settings and Delivery address.
  3. Edit the information. 

Can we get fast delivery?

To get a faster delivery of your ID06 orders, you can choose PRIO or EXPRESS in the Nexus ID06 orderportal.

A card with standard delivery is produced and sent out within 5 working days. EXPRESS or PRIO (prioritized) delivery are faster alternatives. The fastest alternative is EXPRESS +, with this option the cardholder can receive the card within 1 hour after the approval. 

For more information, see: 

Ordering issues

We are not able to order ID06 cards, what is wrong?

Check the following: 

  1. Do you have a personal ID06 account? To be able to order and use the new ID06 card, you must first register a personal account in the ID06 system. The authorized signatory also needs to register the company in the ID06 system. See 1. Register company and personal account.
  2. Is the company registered in the ID06 system? If not, see this link for instructions: Register your company in ID06. 
  3. Check if your company has an unpaid invoiced to ID06 AB. If that is the case, ID06 AB will block the card until the payment has been settled. Contact ID06 for more information at  

My card order has been rejected by Nexus - why?

Something in the order is not correct; most likely the photo does not fulfil the requirements. The orderer will receive a notification with the reason for the rejection and a new order will need to be registered. 

For more information, see: 

The order has been rejected by the cardholder, what happens now?

Nexus cannot produce the card before it has been approved by the cardholder. In the order portal, the card orderer can see the reason why the cardholder has rejected the order, for example misspelled name. If the information in the order does not match the personal information in the cardholder's eID or passport, the card cannot be approved. 

If a card order has been rejected by the cardholder, the order needs to be changed in the Nexus ID06 order portal

I get an error message or cannot confirm card - what do I do?

If you are not able to use your eID (for example BankID) or if you get an error message showing "the session has expired", please follow these steps:

  1. Use a computer and not a mobile device.
  2. Use Google Chrome as web browser on your computer. Download Google Chrome here. 

If it still doesn´t work, contact ID06 AB: 

Check the personal information

The personal information, such as spelling of names and date of birth, in an order must match the information in the eID (BankID), passport or national ID to 100%. Otherwise, the card holder will not be able to approve the card order. An order that has not been confirmed by the card holder can be adjusted in the Nexus ID06 order portal

I haven't received a link to approve or activate card - or the link doesn't work

Doesn't the link work?

  1. Use a computer (not a mobile device) and Google Chrome as web browser.
  2. If you don´t have access to a computer, download Google Chrome to your mobile device and try to login via Google Chrome. Download Google Chrome here.
  3. If it still doesn´t work, please Contact ID06 AB at

Did you not receive a link?

  1. Check with the administrator at your Company that the order is correct; right Spelling, right email etc has ben registered in the order portal. If not, the order must be adjusted and a new link can be send out.
  2. Check that the order has the same email registered as you have registered at your ID06 account. If not, adjust so that you have the same address in both portals.
  3. You can also log in to the ID06 portal directly to approve the card.

If it still doesn´t work, please Contact ID06 AB at and they will send a new link. 

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