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Register your company in ID06

This article describes how to register your company with ID06. 

  • If you belong to an organization, such as a municipality, government agency, region, religious community, foundation or non-profit organization, first see Connect organization to ID06, before you can continue below. 

Do the following: 

  1. Go to the ID06 portal and sign in with your account. 

  2. Enter the organization number of the company that you want to connect to ID06. Click Get company information.

  3. Make sure the information is correct. Click Register company.

  4. Fill in billing information. Click Continue. If you are not the authorized signatory, you must now invite that person.

  5. The authorized signatory:

    1. receives an email with a link to the registration.

    2. clicks the link in the email.

    3. creates an account in ID06 (if not already done).

    4. reviews and approves the agreement.

    5. clicks Sign agreement and signs the agreement using his BankID.

ID06 verifies the company information and verifies that it is the correct authorized signatory.

Next step

Continue to the next step: Appoint card orderers in ID06.

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