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Connect organization to ID06

To connect an organization, such as a municipality, government agency, region, religious community, foundation or non-profit organization to ID06, do the following: 

  1. Fill in the form on the ID06 web page.
  2. Attach a document to verify that the person entered in the form have signatory power for the organization, that is, that they have the right to sign agreements with ID06 AB. Approved documents are: 
    1. a board meeting protocol (an individual board member is accepted as authorized signatory)
    2. alternatively, a power of attorney to verify that signatory power has been delegated to the person with the right to sign agreements with ID06 AB.
  3. The form is checked and approved by ID06 AB, and your application must be validated. 
    When ID06 have given their approval, continue according to the instructions here: Register your company in ID06.


If you have questions about the form or the status of your application, send an email to 

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