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How do I upload the company logotype to Nexus ID06 order portal?

The logo must be 354px x 118px for the new card standard.

Upload the logo in Nexus ID06 order portal. You can add several logotypes and decide which one to be pre-selected per order.

  1. Click at your company name in top menu.
  2. Select Company settings in the drop-drown menu.
  3. Select Logotype settings.
  4. Upload logotype and click Edit logotype.
    Your upcoming card orders will be printed with the chosen logotype. 

If you want the logotype to be printed with color 20 SEK will be added to the standard card cost.

If you need help to upload the logotype, then send an email to with the logo, the company information and inform whether or not the logo should be uploaded in color or not. Note: The person who sends the email must be a registered card orderer/administrator at the company. 

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