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Alternative: Add manual ID verification

This article describes how you add manual ID verification (instead of verification with Swedish BankID) for employees that shall have ID06 cards. 

Employees who needs ID06 cards, and who do not have Swedish BankID, can in some cases use passports or national ID cards to identify themselves. Read more here: Valid passports and national IDs to verify ID06 cards.

Add manual ID verification

Before you start, follow the instructions in Order ID06 cards for the employees to add the "Manual ID verification" as an option to a cardholder.

When you reach New card in the order flow, do the following:

  1. Enter data into all fields and upload the person's photo.

  2. Under the Does the card holder not have a BankID? tab, select Add manual ID verification. The person can identify by scanning its passport or its national ID card. Click the question mark to read more.

  3. Add the card to the cart to proceed with a new order or continue to the checkout to complete the order. 

The persons who shall use manual ID verification will be informed of this in an email. 

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