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I have problems with card when accessing construction site - what do I do?

If you have problems registering your new card in the electronic cardreader onsite, do the following:

  1. Try to display the card for a longer period in front of the electronic cardreader.
  2. Place as much of the card as possible against the cardreader. Do not wave with the card, then it may lock!
  3. Have you activated the card? To work, the card must be activated. Activate the card on your ID06-account.
  4. Contact the supplier of the electronic cardreader.
  5. The card is activated but has stopped working.
    1. Check if the card fee to ID06 AB has been paid. If the fee has not been paid, ID06 AB suspends the card. Contact ID06 for support: 
    2. Once the fee has been paid, the card can be used again.
  6. The card has somehow broken and needs to be reclaimed. Guideline, reclaim card

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